For a Baby

“Sometimes strands spend a long time seeking each other, fumbling without light, and interweave without knowing that it is exactly what the web wants.” ~Emmi Itäranta~

I wanted to weave a baby blanket with a hat as a continuous weaving project on my smallest loom, 7 inch Hazel Rose square loom. The blanket part was easy; this all came from yarns that were gifted to me. These were Berroco wool blend yarns, not handspun yarns. Very easy at first glance, right?

Berroco Vintage yarn is a solid color yarn line. This jewel tone blue is certainly beautiful and it picks up bits of the same blue in the variegated Berroco Boboli yarn. The two are a match made in heaven.

I wove up a test triangle with each yarn and tried different weave structures. The solid color looked best as a basketweave structure. The variegated yarn was better as an adapted plain weave. I doubled up the yarn on the nails every 3rd nail peg. This served to squish the yarns together by changing the sett or ends per inch so the weave does not have a cheesecloth look.

The picture on the right is the regular unchanged plain weave structure. The left picture is after the first section of woven yarns have had the loops moved to be doubled up on every 3rd nail peg. The plain weave is obviously closer and any holes are much smaller. Once off the loom and out from under tension the woven variegated squares will relax and any holes will disappear.

This is what a bunch of the woven squares looked like laid out on a flat surface. I wasn’t sure at the time how many squares I’d get out of the 2 yarns. I only had 2 skeins of each colorway.

I ended up weaving 10 squares of the solid colorway and 10 squares of the variegated yarn. I sewed them together using mattress stitch and a lot of easing in a checkerboard pattern. I trimmed the blanket in the solid color yarn as a crochet slip stitch to help give the corners a strong definite line around the edges.

Once I made it, I had to puzzle out how to create a baby hat. I wove up 2 squares of each yarn so it would neatly match the blanket. I sewed the right side edges together with the long unwoven ends if making a bag or pillowcase with 1 end open. I pulled the corners together and attached a blue tassel made from the solid blue color. I flipped up the open bottom edge as a hat brim.

It turned out so darned cute!

Because the hat is woven on the bias, it will stretch for a little bit as the baby’s head grows. Plus mom can always flip down the brim to help make it a bigger hat.

I wove this to get it ready for my niece who got married a few years ago. I am guessing that she may get in the “family way” eventually and I wanted to have something ready to go for a new baby. With these dark rich colors, it looks like its fit for royalty! 💙💙💙

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