OMG! It’s a Golding!

“For the artisan, craft is an end in itself. For you, the artist, craft is the vehicle for expressing your vision. Craft is the visible edge of art.” ~David Bales~

On November 15th 2019, I received a gift package from a gracious and generous friend.

One of the things it contained was a gorgeous high whorl handspindle. The whorl itself is polished ebony wood, while the shaft is walnut. The teapot inset on the very top with the beautifully crafted hook is all sterling silver, as is the rim around the whorl set with what looks like the decorated handle parts of teaspoons, also sterling silver.

The handspindle itself is named Evening Tea Time and it was designed and created by Golding Fiber Tools. Every fiber tool they make, from their lucets and handspindles, to their spinning wheels and weaving looms, are not just well designed and wonderfully functional, but each and every item is a gorgeous work of art! And I love tea; I drink a lot of it!


I have never had a spinning tool that was so exquisite or so incredibly beautiful, but was such a dream to spin on as well!


I am so blessed!

However I did have to have a firm talk with myself about actually having the courage to spin on it. For a while I had a lot of anxiety about dropping and breaking this gorgeous little cleverly and thoughtfully crafted spinning tool. How could I afford to fix it if the hook got bent up or broken?!

But it needs to be used in the way it was designed. So I chose some especially fine 2 tone brown alpaca fiber to spin this on this gorgeous handspindle. I figured that a luxurious handspindle like this deserved to have wonderful fine fiber spun and wound onto it. So here I am spinning on the thing! And my silly brain is still thinking “OMG, its a


If anyone wants to see the beautiful spinning wheels and other handcrafted textile tools made by this incredible company, be my guest and check out their gorgeous creations for yourself. Go to Google and look up Golding Fiber Tools. Some of their spinning wheels even have stained glass panel inserts. Expensive? Oh yeah! Beautiful? OH YEAH!! Everything they make is so lovely!

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