I Finished the Handspun Scarf!

A ferocious concentration and a fanatical execution is what you need to finish strong.

~Gary Ryan Blair~

Yesterday, I bound off my Waves of Deep Sea handspun scarf. Yay!

LOL, it only took me almost an entire month to knit up a simple scarf. I am not a great knitter. But at least I got it done. It helped a lot that it was from my favorite yarn line; my own handspun!


I think it looks fairly nice!

I am cautiously considering making a matching hat in the same colorway. I think I have some more of Traci Bunkers’ Deep Sea colorway that I can spin up. I love a good slouch hat, but that takes up at least two skeins.

Things that make ya go hmmmmm!

In the meantime, I have to finish up that handspun Romney Shrug. It’s still on the loom since I find it is difficult to weave the center section since holding my arms in a raised static position to fiddle with the weft hurts my shoulders and back a lot.

If I can just do a little of it each day, I should be able to get it done and off the loom eventually. But I find myself dreading it. I need to focus on looking forward to the end result, and just slog through it. That center diamond part is the really hard part.

LOL, Whatever gets ya through it, right?!!

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