Surprise, Its a Scarf!

“The whole designing process, as far as I am concerned, must start with the finished garment and has to work its way backwards.”

~Bernat Klein~

I had this picture in my head of some colorful woven scarves.

I wanted to weave a few scarves out of my handspun yarns on my Rapid Warp Rigid Heddle loom. But the yarn I chose is too stretchy and got all messed up when advancing the warp. So I gave up on trying to weave it.

Instead, since I wanted to work with my own handspun so bad, I find myself knitting it. The picture in my head changed since I could not weave this yarn. God help me, I am knitting again!

It only took me about 15 attempts and about 3 days before I gave up on knitting a simple ladder lace scarf. I couldn’t manage to stick to such a basic pattern without making mistakes over and over! I did that a lot!

The only way I can fix my mistakes correctly is to rip it all out and cast on again. Otherwise my fixes need fixing.

And people wonder why I would ever dislike knitting.

So the lace idea had to go. The picture of what this scarf looked like had to change again.

My new pattern idea was to do a simple seed stitch scarf with a little bit of garter stitch at the beginning, the end and on each side for every row.

At 1 point after doing it enough, something clicked in my head after only 1 time of having to completely rip it all out and start over. Then my brain quit getting confused and seemed to understand what to do.


On, I am known as herbalsheila. On my project page on Ravelry this project is called Waves of Deep Sea scarf.

So knitting this scarf is not as bad as it could be. But I still like weaving better than knitting. Knitting is so slow! Weaving is way faster!

I am making progress. I am resigned to knitting it now.

Se la vi! That’s just the way it goes!

4 thoughts on “Surprise, Its a Scarf!

  1. D > Sometimes I knit backwards, muttering and cursing : poor J durst not even breathe when I’m in reverse-knitting mode!! But sometimes I know I’ll just risk making things worse, so out come the needles, and I just peel back the yarn, the stitches dissolving into mere wrinkles. Poor J can’t abide to witness the wasted effort, and will go off and find something to do elsewhere!!

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