Blended Colors for Tapestry Yarns

The soul needs friendship; the heart needs love.

~Ed Habib~

After Jim died, I know I lost a dear close friend as well as my sweetheart. I no longer have even a few close friends as they have passed away as well, and I feel somewhat bereft of love as well as friendship of people that I feel I can trust. I have had dear friends that I trusted also pass away so they are gone too.

Even though my mind knows Jim is in heaven, my heart just wants him back. My need for him is twofold, but I am forced to struggle to learn to build my life anew.

I am still learning.

To that end, I am beginning to have courage to attempt some new things, stuff that my creative spirit has always longed to do.

I have been playing around with creating single yarns for tapestry weaving. I have been fascinated by this style of weaving for a long time, both the classical style of mille fleur of the Middle Ages, some of the modern styles of tapestry weaving, Navajo rug weaving and Middle Eastern styles of tapestry rug weaving.

Not all that long ago, before Jim passed away, I had purchased some dyed Lincoln locks of wool. A few were hand painted, some outright dipped in a dye bath and other locks looked spattered with different colors.

In blending up some of these locks on my combs to create a true worsted, I found to my surprise that as long as the locks were all thoroughly blended, one homogenous color would be the result, even if there were 3 colors down the length of the lock or if the center of the lock of wool remained white and undyed.


I have been attempting some blends of colored fibers of Romney that I have dyed. Some are based on my ideas, and others are based on ideas for color blending from my students.

Another WordPress friend, Jen of JenJoyce Designs is posting her tweedy blends on blog Yarnings. I thought to support her adventures by posting what I have so far.

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