Being Creative and Producing a Rug

No one can arrive from being talented alone. God gives talent; work transforms talent into genius.

~Anna Pavlova~

I don’t know that I am a genius or all that talented. But somebody, Ray Edwards I think, told me how to bring out my own creativity.

He defined creativity by looking at the Great Creator. He quoted Genesis. “The Creator of all things created us in His image.” We are the products of God’s awesome creativity. So we can own our own creativity, given to us by God.

Ray Edwards says that there are 5 steps to unleashing your own creativity. He calls them the 5 Rs.

1. Recreate/Recreation

Go back to your child’s state of mind with its pretend time, curiosity, and adventurous spirit. Have fun and just play.

2. Rest

Don’t work hard at playing, but take time to be still. Do some napping, and make sure to get some deep slow wave sleep and REM sleep.

Deep slow wave sleep is when our brains catalogue everything that happens to us and puts those events from short term memory into long term memory.

REM sleep is the dreaming state that takes these new memories that have been catalogued and adds meaning and memory pathways that allows us to access those memories for the rest of our lives.

3. Receive

We must allow ourselves to receive the wave of creativity that comes out from these new memories and pathways. New ideas may come popping out in your head. But this cannot happen without the first 2 steps.

4. Record

It helps tremendously to write diwn these new ideas, even if you must think about it more or if you do not act on them right away. Don’t let them be forgotten in the flotsam of living your daily life.

5. Respond

Try doing these new ideas! Just do it! Dive in and flesh out the details of how and use different techniques to make things work out successfully. Try out different things as you go to see what may work better.

According to Mr. Edwards, if you follow these 5 Rs of Recreation, Resting, Receiving, Recording, and Responding, you will find yourself percolating with new ideas, and your creativity will be bursting out of you.

I found I was already doing these things after my husband passed away. Without all of the heavy stress of taking care of someone else on a daily basis and not sleeping well, this process was already happening to me. But Mr. Edwards helped define the process in more concrete terms that made sense.

I came up with this idea of having a rug that I have spun up from raw sheep fleece that I have processed dyed and woven. I wanted to have a sturdy rug that could last for years to be used under my equipment when I do public demos to help protect it from the damp ground. This rug idea was yet another burst of creativity.


I really like it! I can’t help but feel a bit smug about having made it from scratch.

After cutting it off the loom yesterday, I took it out for a test run at an impromptu public demo I did last night at Celtic Music Night downtown.

Everybody who saw my new rug wants to take it home!

So maybe there is hope for me being creative in my own way yet.

5 thoughts on “Being Creative and Producing a Rug

    1. Well I have to say, I have a strong tendency to not do things like everybody else. I seem to see the world a bit differently. But I suspect that God may have made me that way to help shake other people up, or perhaps to inspire others. These days I think that my odd way of seeing things may be part of my own creative process.


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